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Formerly the home of Beaumont-Wilshire Neighbors for Responsible Growth, the Portland Land Matters blog explores citywide land-use concerns, such as home demolitions, with the belief that development should create an improvement.

Friday, February 22, 2013

At the state level, common sense prevails

We just heard about the win for Richmond Neighbors for Responsible Growth, handed down by the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals. The permit for the project at Southeast 37th and Division is officially revoked, further sign that the tide should and is starting to turn against this kind of low-amenity high-impact development. Read The O article here.

Congrats to all fighting the good fight. Let's get some better buildings that benefit everyone, not just the guys with their hands stuck in Portland's pot of real estate gold.

(Speaking of The O, we're also grateful for the recent story on how minimal the measures are that are meant to put a stop to such exploitive development. Lest we get carried away with celebrating, a lot of hard work remains.)

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