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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Does the project have a permit? Depends on who's asking.

With both the city attorney and the developer claiming to have withdrawn the permit for the Northeast Fremont building, it's hard to know who will make what happen next. City staff seem to say that despite the permit being withdrawn for LUBA purposes, it's still in effect at the local level. According to news reports they took the action in order to "strengthen" the permit. Hopefully they come back with amended plans showing a greatly improved building.

Dodging their first deadline to submit the record of the permit to LUBA, the codefendants with this interruption create a longer process, but one that can be restarted if necessary. Despite the setback (ha), Beaumont-Wilshire Neighbors for Responsible Growth hopes for a transparent, cooperative effort that leads to a more successful project and mitigation of outsize impacts.


  1. Hi. This is Andrine over at Beaumont Health. I've been trying to contact LMC all day because the fence to the construction thru our parking lot is down and the construction site is totally exposed to anyone who wants to walk in. Ive called the onsite manager number 3 times with no answer. Not sure who else to call... just thought Neighborhood folks should know about this hazard.

    Andrine de la Rocha LMT

  2. Hi Andrine. I don't have a number for LMC but hopefully they get back to you and address the issue first thing Monday. Maybe your landlord Dan Medford has a better number for them? That's all I can think of. Thank you for trying to track someone down, and I'm sorry I can't be of more help.