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Thursday, November 6, 2014

News flash: developers like it this way

At Monday's demolition subcommittee meeting of the Developer Review Advisory Committee (aka DRAC), the group came up with a definition of demolition that doesn't meaningfully change what occurs now. We'll still see the floorboard or post in the air (usually summarily tossed in the Dumpster with the rest of the house after the city inspector pays a visit), and yet it's still a "remodel." For all the talk in the meeting of passing the smell test, this business-as-before definition--and the unwillingness to leave affordable homes standing--stinks.

United Neighborhoods for Reform has in its demolition/development resolution the guideline of 50 percent removal of a house as a "demolition," a figure used by many other cities across the country, including Berkeley, California.

In much brighter news, Woodlawn Neighborhood Association has endorsed the resolution, joining the ranks in sending a message to City Council that real change is necessary. Way to go, Woodlawn!

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