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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sometimes the truth hits you between the eyes

We've written about Portland for Everyone before, here and here when they made their debut with stolen artwork, and now apparently they have some treats in store. Free food! Never mind that the munchies likely will be sponsored by Vic Remmers and Everett Custom Homes (Portland for Everyone underwriters), and perhaps other teardown darlings wreaking destruction across our city, throwing away unique well-built homes to build market-rate units unaffordable to many.

Hopefully those snacks won't be laced with the lead and asbestos that Remmers and the other teardown developers regularly unleash on neighbors, but the swag has a cost: You will be urged to testify against your interests, your city, and your neighborhood by embracing a plan to increase demolitions beyond even current record-breaking levels.

Eat up, but look beyond the slick slide show and the feel-good promises. All you have to do is check out the masthead for the group and you'll see that front and center is an illegal AirBnB that rents for $160/night. The place looks cute, but at $4,800/month it sure isn't for "Everyone."

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